What our customers are saying…

“For many years in the industry, I have worked with lots of suppliers and I have to say Total Solution Plastic is one of my favorites… There people are professional yet down to earth. They put everything on the table so you can discuss and resolve it – they don’t just tell you what you want to hear. Their quality is great and they stand behind their injection molds, but I have to say the best part is their project management portal. Not only is the portal secure but everyone has signed NDA’s so I don’t have to worry about confidentiality.

We have a team of people who are all communicating on the portal. I can ask questions before I leave for the day and most of the time I have answers when I come back the next morning. All the issues are assigned to someone so there is accountability, not just an issue out in Cyber space somewhere, the Portal is our Primary communication tool for our projects; I can see our Gantt charts, pictures, videos, past and present; all on the portal. It makes my job a lot easier and I do not have to worry about lost email or files… alleviating the possibility of errors.

We have learned that cost is not just the price in which you pay, and these guys bring much cost saving and increasing our company profits.

I would definitely recommend Total Solution Plastic for all you injection mold needs!!

Again, Thank you for your professionalism.”

Travis L. Hulsey – Barku Plastics, LLC

“I have had Plastic Injection Mold tooling built in China for years. The best source I have found is “Total Solution Plastic” located in North Carolina. They have ownership in a manufacturing facility in China. Go to their web site and you will see they have it all covered. I’ve spent many hundreds of thousands of dollars for injection molds with them and had great success. All fees for standard shipping (Boat) are included in their injection mold quote. You don’t have to deal with the language barrier, your dealing with Total Solution Plastic.

If you have an injection mold need, I would really suggest going to Total Solution Plastic.”

Good Luck
Benny “Joe” Cottrell II

“Total Solution Plastic provided Ontario Plastic the ability to gain a new customer for our business. This was due to the high quality, low cost tooling solution for an injection mold. We will now have the capacity to gain additional work with this customer. “

Thank You!

Ralph Barnes – Ontario Plastics

“I have worked with Total Solution Plastic for many years. They are the  “go-to” contactor for a wide variety of technologies from PCB assembly and fab, plastic injection molds and turn-key fabrications. I would trust Total Solution Plastic to handle any project or any injection mold. Their contact network and ability to assign projects appropriately always results in success.”

Jonathan Cornelius – Raychem Tyco

“Total SolutionPlastic finds unique solutions to bringing people from different organizations together to get jobs that ‘don’t quite fit anyone’s box’ done.  The combination of their quality injection molds and their Project Management Portal always mean success.”

Lyn Williams – President (Multi Technical Services)

“Total Solution Plastic is a top-notch company. Their integrity and knowledge of the injection mold business is unmatched. I would recommend them to anyone needing injection molds or molding advice.”

Tom Gregory – Hunt Ball Manufacturing

“I was impressed with Total Solution Plastic’s strong work ethic, desire to achieve my goals, quality injection molds, openness to learn and their communication and people skills with clients, prospects and partners. I view Total Solution Plastic as an important resource for any organization that has a need for injection mold or to expand its reach into new markets. They have also expanded their own reach with relationships offshore to add value both for their injection molds and for their customers. That further demonstrates an entrepreneurial experience base that is priceless.”

Scott Smith – VP Plastech

“Total Solution Plastic company operates with very high integrity. They are honest and they always deliver the injection mold that they promise. Their work is of high quality and they continuously strive for improvements and perfection in their injection mold. They are detail oriented and this shows in their quality injection mold and their communication to us as a client. Their responses to our needs are quick and to the point.”

Julius Bejsovic – Tooling Manager – All Plastic